Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is the 4th foal to be born. He was born on the afternoon of Feb 9th. No name yet but his Dam is Heavenly, Sire is Stormello. This is Heavenly's first baby and luckily it went with out a hitch and both are doing just fine.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fugly baby

Here's a picture of the 3rd baby to be born... um ya I'm sorry buddy but well your just not very cute. He is only hours old in this picture so I guess its not fair to judge hahaha but gees louis!!! He is also a big bugger, the biggest out of all the babies at birth.

He had to go to the vet the day he was born because he had diarrhea pretty bad and with a new born horse that can be a bad situation. The orange poo all over him didn't help his cute factor at all. Supposedly he has full siblings on the track already that are doing ok... I wonder if they looked like this guy when they were born. He is currently at home now and has a corrective shoe on his right hind foot to help with all that crookedness. He does look better now and is growing on me. No name for this guy yet but I was thinking something like... Mule.. hahaha jk
Dam is Moonlight Ransom
Sire is Storm and A Half

more pics to come

Baby horses and miracles!

The last couple weeks have been interesting and full of surprises!! We have had 4 foals born!!! (When I say "we" I mean Regan's mares had babies but... I feel like they are kinda mine too haha) The first was a little bay filly born the night of Jan. 29th. Regan and I had spent all day cleaning up a stall and getting it ready and safe for a baby horse. We wondered about putting the mare in for the night or waiting for the stall to dry a bit more before we put her in (we had had record rain fall earlier in the week that left even the covered stalls flooded) Well we decided to bring her in the next day and left the barn around 7:30 that night...... Those sneaky mares!!!! We got a call from the barn owners around 9:30 letting us know that we had a healthy, bay filly already up and nursing out in the arena!!!! Here are some pictures of little Ponde Replay (Regan let one of his friends name her) Ponde's Dam is Prides Run and her Sire is Imperialism

Ponde Reply at 1 week old and tryin to nurse off of Ambers boob!! hahahaha

Look chickens!!!

Ya I'm cute... I know it

The second foal born came into the world with a lot more drama. The night of Feb 2nd Regan and I went to the farm around 6pm and found Devils River the Dam or mother for you non horsey people pacing her stall and pawing the ground. We were very excited and thought that maybe this time we caught a mare about to have a baby and we would actually get to see it be born!! (Out of the 30 something horses I've been around that have had babies I have NEVER seen one born!! They are so good at doing it when your not around!)

We observed the mare for awhile and became concerned that things weren't right after she began getting up and down and rolling violently. It became obvious that she was becoming increasingly distressed so we called the vet who luckily only lives a half mile down the street. Dr. Chattam determined the foal was alive but upside down and told us to get the mare to the Vet Clinic right away.

That was an adventure in itself. The poor mare didn't want to stand and I felt so bad having to haul her to the vet. She was drenched in sweat and in serious pain but it had to be done and luckily we got her there with out any problems. Once at the clinic the vets examined her and let Regan know what his choices were. It was decided to try and save the foal since it was still alive but it was very risky and there were no guarantees. A dystocia birth like this almost always ends in a dead foal, in fact the vets told us after, that they have only had one live birth in this kind of situation and they had all expected the foal not to live.

They got to work quickly, put the mare under and did their best to get the baby out. It was a very intense night but I have to say it was extremely interesting too. It seems like they worked for a very long time to try and reposition the baby in the womb but he just didn't want to flip around and they finally just pulled him out. He was a very large very black colt. After all that time I really didn't expect him to be alive either but lo and behold!!!! The tough little guy made it!!! Here is the video of him finally making his appearance!! yes I know I say she in the video but gee I didn't know yet lol

After he was born we all toweled him off and they put him on oxygen. It was very likely that he could be a "dummy" foal after all he had just been through and how long it had taken to get him out. A Dummy foal is a foal that has been deprived of oxygen for to long and can cause them to have brain swelling and well be.. dumb. They had to put a catheter in so they could give him meds and they also had to put a feeding tube in so they could feed him since he wasn't able to nurse of his mother at the time. Poor guy!!!!

When the mare came out of anesthesia they brought her in and she seemed very relieved to see her baby, it was a great sight and we all were amazed and happy with how things turned out. Unfortunately the mare went down the next morning with a case of colic and had to go under again for surgery where they discovered her small intestine had passed through a tear in her abdomen and had become strangled so they needed to remove 19 ft of small intestine!!!!

It was touch and go for both mare and foal for about a week and things still aren't certain but we got to bring them home and they seem to be doing well so far. Here is a picture of them after the mare came out of surgery... don't they look pathetic!? They've been through a lot!

I will get more pictures of them at home soon and post them. Sneaky Devil (thats what we are calling him) is so damn cute and now that he has all the tubes and wraps off of him hes even cuter
Dam is Devils River
Sire is Imperialism

I will post more on the other two later but I will say that they are chesnut colts and one is FUGLY as hell hahaha poor guy I hope he straightens out but right now he looks like a mule baby!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


ok my terrariums looked gorgeous... for about 2 weeks then um they died.... oops I will try again soon.

on another note I am starting the lemonade cleanse today.. yippee

wish me luck

Monday, December 28, 2009

Been Awhile

Ok ok its been months since I last posted. I spend way to much time looking at other blogs and playing stupid facebook games.... guilty. I'm settled into my new house although I wish I could get it furnished and decorated quicker, guess I should make some money huh? I did find a room mate and she seems like a pretty cool girl and we get along so far so that makes me happy.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas has come and gone, it blows my mind at how fast time is moving. Makes me think God is starting to get inpatient haha..... hmmmm what if?

I've been into making terrariums lately, I had some apothecary jars I was wondering what to do with and came across some pictures of terrariums. I love them and love making them! Here are some pictures of my inspiration, I haven't taken pictures of mine yet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buzz Aldrin

Yesterday, Louis Vuitton at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall had Buzz Aldrin in store to do book signings. I thought it would be a neat opportunity to meet an American Hero and add to my book collection so I went and stood in line to meet him. The store didn't scimp on the embellishments and true to the Louis Vuitton style of luxury they had waiters with hors doueveres and champagne walking around serving guests. I passed on the champagne but the hors doueveres were wonderful! One of the waiters wasn't bad either, a bit young but he was adorable and had the deepest, bluest eyes I've ever seen :)

Arcadia Farm

My Parents introduced me to this restaurant about a month ago and I have been in love ever since. Arcadia Farm is tucked away in the downtown art district in Scottsdale and it feels like a lil piece of Northern California to me for some reason. Its very cute and charming and would be a great place for a cozy, romantic dinner with your loved one, or a laid back intimate lunch with a friend.

At night the lighting is dim and inviting with little candles placed on the tables and mantles.

The garden patios are are great, again I feel like I'm in California wine country when I look at this place, not Arizona.

The strawberry chicken salad is what I get when I'm here. I ordered out this time but it still tastes just as good. Their poppy seed dressing is to die for!

Sorry for the picture quality I think I may have broken my camera the other day haha anyways hope you enjoyed and that one day you can enjoy the restaurant! Here is the website if you are interested http://www.arcadiafarmscafe.com/afs/index.html