Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buzz Aldrin

Yesterday, Louis Vuitton at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall had Buzz Aldrin in store to do book signings. I thought it would be a neat opportunity to meet an American Hero and add to my book collection so I went and stood in line to meet him. The store didn't scimp on the embellishments and true to the Louis Vuitton style of luxury they had waiters with hors doueveres and champagne walking around serving guests. I passed on the champagne but the hors doueveres were wonderful! One of the waiters wasn't bad either, a bit young but he was adorable and had the deepest, bluest eyes I've ever seen :)

Arcadia Farm

My Parents introduced me to this restaurant about a month ago and I have been in love ever since. Arcadia Farm is tucked away in the downtown art district in Scottsdale and it feels like a lil piece of Northern California to me for some reason. Its very cute and charming and would be a great place for a cozy, romantic dinner with your loved one, or a laid back intimate lunch with a friend.

At night the lighting is dim and inviting with little candles placed on the tables and mantles.

The garden patios are are great, again I feel like I'm in California wine country when I look at this place, not Arizona.

The strawberry chicken salad is what I get when I'm here. I ordered out this time but it still tastes just as good. Their poppy seed dressing is to die for!

Sorry for the picture quality I think I may have broken my camera the other day haha anyways hope you enjoyed and that one day you can enjoy the restaurant! Here is the website if you are interested

Monday, August 17, 2009

Too many posts and so little time

Ok so I love this blog thing. Thing is I like to look at blogs more than add to my own! There is so much to look at and so much to read that I spend all my blogging time just mulling over other peoples photos and ideas. Its hard to come up with anything original haha so here's some more random pictures from my life, enjoy

At the farm with my brother and niece on Saturday, it was so fun to watch her with all the unique animals there and well, I get pretty excited about them too :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marley Farm

Look what I found at the new barn where I keep my horse! Turns out they have an amazing petting zoo with lots of great animals! Most of them are rescues and they are now living the good life! I am very impressed with how they treat their animals at Marley Farms and am happy to have my boy Taeus living there now!

My Favorite was Pippy the half zebra!!! She was such a sweet heart!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Went to see my horse at the new barn on Monday, its a nice place and I found out its owned by the ex baseball player Shea Hillenbrand!! Have I mentioned I love baseball?? Anyways he seems to have settled in nicely. Heres some pictures of him in his new digs

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fall In New York

Oh how I miss fall in New York! I was just going thru some pictures and saw these photos of Central Park that I took last November. It was absolutely stunnng when I was there!! I chose some of my favorite photos to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cool Poster

I just saw this pic on another blog and loved it so much I had to steal it and post it on mine! I wonder where I could get a print of this

Ball Game

Watching the baseball game from the pool in right field at the Dbacks game!!! I've always wanted to kick it in the pool suite and take in a game!!!! This Wed I was lucky enough to do so! It was awesome we were right there up against the fence and definitely close enough to heckle the right and center fielders. Jason Werth of the Pirates totally got an earful! Haha poor guy probably went home and cried :) We even got our boys Chris Young and Justin Upton to give us a wave and a nod.. Have I mentioned I LOVE baseball!!? Thank you so much for inviting me Ashley! It was great!!!

I love this pic and it will now remind me of my friend Amy and all of her feet pictures from around the world, she is so clever! Check out my my hideously cute toes...

Tonight I got to hang out with some good friends I haven't seen in way too long! Stevie, Amy, Katie and I went for some sushi at a pretty cool revolving sushi restaurant. I'd never been to one before but I will definitely do it again. Good sushi for a great price and lots of choices! After dinner Stevie, Ashley and I went to see Harry Potter. I loved it but holy crap someone in that theater had some stinky freaking gas! Hahaha