Monday, August 17, 2009

Too many posts and so little time

Ok so I love this blog thing. Thing is I like to look at blogs more than add to my own! There is so much to look at and so much to read that I spend all my blogging time just mulling over other peoples photos and ideas. Its hard to come up with anything original haha so here's some more random pictures from my life, enjoy

At the farm with my brother and niece on Saturday, it was so fun to watch her with all the unique animals there and well, I get pretty excited about them too :)


Beth said...

I love blogging too. . . it is definitely addicting. Design Sponge is one of my absolute favs.

Sarah said...

I definitely understand where you are coming from. I love reading others' blogs but not so good updating mine. I love looking at Cake Wrecks everyday! Amazing... now whenever I go to a store that has a bakery I look to see if there are any funny ones that I can take pictures of. I hope to one day find one.