Monday, December 28, 2009

Been Awhile

Ok ok its been months since I last posted. I spend way to much time looking at other blogs and playing stupid facebook games.... guilty. I'm settled into my new house although I wish I could get it furnished and decorated quicker, guess I should make some money huh? I did find a room mate and she seems like a pretty cool girl and we get along so far so that makes me happy.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas has come and gone, it blows my mind at how fast time is moving. Makes me think God is starting to get inpatient haha..... hmmmm what if?

I've been into making terrariums lately, I had some apothecary jars I was wondering what to do with and came across some pictures of terrariums. I love them and love making them! Here are some pictures of my inspiration, I haven't taken pictures of mine yet.


*Becky* said...

I don't know what those are, but they are cute and good for you for finding interest in them. it's nice to have a hobby. yes fb games take up a lot of my time too

Miss Amy said...

maura! i love terrariums! i can't wait to see pictures of yours. apothecary jars are so beautiful, and perfect for it!